“To say that Caroline saved my breastfeeding journey with my son would be an understatement. As a first time mom, I basically had no idea what I was doing. Caroline guided me through a difficult and emotional period and offered endless support.

Her knowledge and expertise  is second to none, and her gentle approach has put me at ease numerous times when I was letting that new mom anxiety get the best of me. Knowing that I had someone to turn to whether it be by email, text, phone call or home visits was invaluable.

Over the past several months, Caroline has helped me navigate numerous breastfeeding struggles. Most importantly, she has continuously cheered me on and it is due to her continuous support (which is literally 24/7!) that my son and I are now on a successful and enjoyable breastfeeding journey.”


“I hired Caroline for my second pregnancy. With my first child I ended up having an emergency cesarean and going into my second pregnancy I knew that I would need to have a second c-section. I had so many unresolved questions from my first c-section and the complications I faced with it. I really needed someone to help me through the delivery and alleviate some of the anxiety I had leading up to it- Caroline was a perfect fit. She had the expertise to answer any of my questions and concerns and she was open to working with my planned c-section. I appreciated how she took the time to go over all my childbirth options with me, and never pressured me during my decision making process. I feel like she really took the time to listen to me, and was respectful of my wishes and needs. She was an invaluable support leading up to my delivery, and was there for me during my recovery. Caroline supported me by answering all my questions and helped me go into my birth experience feeling confident and with peace of mind about the procedure. Following the delivery she helped me establish breastfeeding, which was really important to me (and I also struggled with with my first child). Everything was so much more relaxed with her support- it allowed me to really cherish and enjoy the arrival of my daughter.”